Dear Ms. CPA

Dear Ms. CPA,

Hi there! How have you been doing on that quarter life? I hope it's good though, 'cause right now it's very messed-up. At a young age, you've done a horrible mistake but I hope you've accepted it now. I know you're still very sorry and a lot regretful but I'm praying for your healing every day. I know you're a fighter. You're the type of person who'll always find a way to light the room covered by darkness just to pick up the right pieces of shattered things scattered on the floor and make it whole again.

By now, I'm expecting that you had renewed your CPA License. Well, you better be because if not, all  of your COE for Professional Accountants crap sessions weren't worh it. 

I remember 5 years ago, you have too many options and to do's in your head. You probably are now in the internal audit of one of your dream companies. Which did you choose, PAL or ABS-CBN? What about your start-up blog, I guess it's bigger now? Oh, I know it is! I could still recall how you always wanted that to happen. How you wanted to tag yourself as "Mae: The CPA Blogger" as a level-up of your "Mae: The Explorer" But are you still doing your minimum-of-24-articles-anually mantra? I hope you do. How about your speech during PBES graduation rites? I can imagine you smiling silly on  the stage telling the people how much you wanted and waited for that to happen. 

A part of your memory is telling me that you mentioned 5 years ago that you want to be a lawyer too, not just for yourself but for your father cause you want to give honor to his name before Mike change yours. So how was it? You're on your 2nd year now, am I right? 

Oh, I mentioned Mike, how is he? Is he now a good photographer? Have you trained him even better or he's still getting pissed-off by the many "Isa pa nga. Ang panget ng angle ko jan." "Ganito, dito ka, tapos ganitong shot?" Still settling down after you pass the bar?

Girl, I hope by now, you have travelled a lot cause if not, I'd be very very disappointed in you. I hope you already visited the 81 provinces and atleast half of the 1634 cities/municipalities of the country. I hope you are also starting to travel internationally cause I know your goal is to travel the whole country first before going abroad.

It's a little too many for 5 years right? But I know you can and will do it all together so please hear my sound Congratulations! That's my girl. But if not yet, it's all right. Don't lose hope. Please remember that no matter what happen, I will still be proud of you. Way to go girl! Fight!!!

Your 20 year-old self. 

 Actually, I originally wrote this on my Adison's Notebook (My physical diary, yes I still keep one. Haha!) Then eventually sent to so I would be reminded about this when they emailed this back to me on the date I specified.

And now, I'm sharing this with you cause I realized, with people knowing what my goals are means another motivation for me to keep going and achieve those. 

What about you? What's your plan on the next quarters of your life? Might wanna share it too?