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YOUR AUTHOR is a simple, well-motivated lady from the modern ’90s, born on the 17th of September, 21 years ago. A Bachelor of Science in Accountancy student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines – San Juan Campus.

I am a frustrated writer, photographer, traveler. I’d always like to go places I have never been but just couldn’t exhaust my frustration yet ’cause my wallet is at stake. My love for writing and photography started since I was 10, when I first experience joining Campus Journalism. At an early age, I was thought how to write different articles and compete in several writing contests for our school, Pulangbato Elementary School in San Juan, Batangas. I remember back then, every time there’s an academic contest coming up, I’d always felt excited because it means review times and review times means excuse in classes and excuse in classes means happy happy at our school’s H.E. room. (Haha! Hello to my mentors back in Grade school.)

High school came and I was ecstatic of the thought that I’d apply to be part of my new school’s publication again. But it vanished eventually when I learned of their writers’ achievements. I felt short of myself. Years passed, the Senior writers graduated and I was like “YES! I finally have my chance again!” And I did. It was a short experience with “Ang Atalaya” (Calubcub 1.0 National High School’s official publication) but worth cherishing. 2013, I was an incoming Fourth Year High Schooler, it was supposed to be my most “should be memorable” year at CNHS, but I transferred school. It was very unexpected. I actually never imagined myself back then transferring, but I did for a reason I choose not to share. (Aww. I miss my friends and classmates there. 😞 HI GUYS! 😁)

But, just when I thought I’d missed the joy of my last year in second grade, I was wrong. I maybe had a short stay at Masapang National High School but it was a good one. Why, I had awesome mentors and weird accommodating classmates most especially, I became part again of the school’s official publication and fulfill my goal of being an editor-in-chief again. (Transferee but appointed as EIC? How’s that sounds? Naks! Hahaha!) Honestly, it’s one of my most worth-cherishing experience ever. Why, I got to achieve a goal. I actually don’t remember much of my time inside the classroom way back, my memory is clouded with my moments inside the school’s faculty room, checking and doing articles and throwing trashy write-ups. Wahaha.

Yes, I had my bests and worst experience in writing but my love for it never fades.
It rests but it never stopped.

But why am I pursuing Accountancy if I’m deeply in love with writing and photography? Well, I say sometimes our minds are really twisted that's why. Hahaha! Kidding aside, I guess writing and photography are my firsts love while my name with C.P.A on its tail, plus the ATTY. on the head? Boy, that's one great love.

Yes, your author is one hell of a dreamer and I guess, I will never get tired of being one driven with the hope that in His precious time, everything I prayed for will be before my eyes.

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