A Taste of Paradise at the Busy Street of Teresa

Craving for a quarter pounder burger yet on a tight budget? Or brokenhearted and want to do some stress eating? What about too inlove and wanna go to a food date but don't have much of extra money? Don't worry! I got ya'll covered.

Located at the busy street of Teresa, Sta. Mesa, Manila is a small corner for hugot babies and big eaters. The place is not too spacious nor instagram-able but if your sole purpose is to eat good food at low price, this could be a perfect hideout for you.

What's on the menu? 

See! I told you it's budget friendly. What I personally pick here is their quarter pounder burger with cheese and vegies. I so love how the combination of greens, cheese and beef dance along in my mouth. 

Thanks for reading! You might wanna try Don Jar Big Burger and tag me on your photos here. I believe they have several branches here in Manila and the one near PUP MNL is one of them. Enjoy your burgers islanders!