The True Avenger Defying the Test of Time

Situated at the Southwest corner of Intramuros wall is a beautiful garden which was once destroyed by colonization. Constructed during the late 16th century, Baluarte de San Diego, formerly called as the Nuestra SeƱora de Guia (Our Lady of Guidance), is considered as one of the oldest stone fortifications in the country today.

With the unique  circular stone walls as the main structure plus the history it holds, I say this is a place worth preserving.

The Baluarte had gone number of restorations over the years. Been destroyed by eartquake and battles and yet still standing up until now and was repaired to actually look even better. What a great symbolism for Filipinos right?

This beautiful garden was made around the fort, with shaded walkways, fountains, old cannons and artillery and other display pieces from the previous century.

A place which made best for events, photoshoots, tour or even a simple tambayan when you feel like wanting to reflect and think about life.

Planning to have a garden tour, photoshoot or perhaps event? Here's a special note made just for you. They ask for an entrance fee of P75.00 or P50.00 if you're a student (just present your valid school ID). P2,000.00 for pre-nuptial photoshoots and more. P33,000.00 for special events (good for 6 hours).

Be sure to tag me on your shots from this place and share with me how awesome it felt to roam around an old, historical yet still strong and beautiful masterpiece. Considering the many years this place had surpass proves that this is a true Avenger, defying the test of time.

P.S. Special thanks to boyfie for being my photographer and PA for this trip! Haha. Muuuuah! :-*

Thanks for reading!