Something Old But Always New

Somewhere at the back of our minds surely  lies a fascination over seriously old and rare stuff that could only be seen once in a lifetime sometimes only by gifted people. But then, since I believe that each living organism is a gift, we are lucky enough to be shared of a single chance to witness these amazingly rare creations both by heaven and gifted hands.

Lies at the corner of the historical Luneta or commonly known as Rizal Park is a multi-storey white building composed of more than 10 galleries designed to house the country’s rich biodiversity and wide variety of flora and fauna, interactive activities and models, life-size replica of “Lolong the crocodile”, and many more. 

The place is called National Museum of Natural History - the third building which completes the National Museum Complex in Manila along with the National Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum of Anthropology.

This is definitely a must visit place not only because it'd match your aesthetic and minimalist feed but also because this would be a reminder to us, young and not-so-young Filipinos how rich our country is of natural resources.

Here are some photos I had inside the most-talked about and instagram-able museum in Manila.

Amaze by it's beauty? Come visit the place every Tuesday- Sunday, 10:00am - 5:00 pm, admission is free.

I just hope this was able to awaken your curiosity and eagerness to learn new facts from old species and creations discovered hundreds of years ago  and realize why we should take care of our biodiversity.

And oh! By the way, I have here some tips for you.
✔ Read the description of each stuff inside. Or else, you'd miss the joy, awesomeness and wonders of each art and species there. It's worth it! I swear.

✔ Make sure to be there 3 hours before 5pm. You would miss a lot if you run out of time.

✔ Have some patience. It's still a little crowded, you can't take good photos immediately. LOL.

Enjoy your museum trip! Don't forget to tag me on your photos folks and please leave a comment below! I would also love to hear from you.