Lily's Vacation Farmhouse: The Hidden Treasure of A Sleeping Land

Being an original probinsyana who was born and raised somewhere in a grassy part of Batangas, it's always a refreshing feeling for me to see the same environment I used to be during my toddler days. Which is why, when I was given a chance to experience it all again, I immediately took the opportunity upon reading the message of invitation.

The place is called Lily's Vacation Farm House, a vacation rental place located at the sleeping ground of Rizal, the town of Jala-jala. It is an exclusive farm house getaway good for 25 persons and below for a fixed price. They cater any type of events as long as the attendees is up to the indicated number only or if in any case the guests would exceed to 25, the maximum pax they could accomodate is up to 35 persons making the additional be charge on a per head rate.

What can they offer? Lily's goal is to make you feel that you are just at your own rest house having the siesta of your life. That is why from the time you checked in at 2:00pm until you checked out at 12:00nn, you have an exclusive full access to all of their facilities. You can bring or cook your own food or ask for assistance from their staffs (with a very minimal fee). And yes, there is no corkage fee, you can bring whatever you desire to eat during your stay in the farm.

In case of formal events and you want it done with a full catering service, no worries 'cause they can also arrange it for you. You just have to let them know.

Street foods. Our complimentary merienda upon checking in.
Arroyo. The tilapia fresh from Laguna de Bay. And yes, it's called Arroyo. Why? That's a mystery to me too.
Breakfast. It's a Silog kind of morning.

You can also try to have a heart-to-heart talk with your buddies over a Glamping with a bonfire made available upon request, have fun and walwal with a bottle of beer while singing your jam in the karaoke under the starry nights and a view of Mt. Banahaw, Laguna de Bay and Mt. Makiling.

Movie Night. Hahaha! Sorry for this epic fail shot. Flash reflected on the white screen.
Glamping. The tent is supposed to have an air bed but we declined the offer cause no one from our group wanted to sleep there. 😂
During daytime, if you feel like enjoying what 90's kid do and reminisce your childhood especially during summer, you can fly a ready made kite and run around their 1.6 hectares ground. You can also do horseback riding (if Chelsea the horsie is in good mood), swim to sawa on the pool,  roam around the farm using the ATVs or just relax and meditate under the tree- might be on the swing or on a lounger.

And off course, you should never missed to go down the lake and experience it's nasty breeze and a chitchat with the accommodating locals of the area.

What can I say? To be honest, the place is really so beautiful. The friendly and accommodating staffs and owner, breathtaking view, well-groomed and maintained facilities and a very peaceful environment, huh! You surely wouldn't want to miss the experience. The fact that they have no wifi in the area, they're  really up for a day away from the Metro kind of drama and I love that. I seriously felt home during my stay there (kudos to the team, you're truly intact with your mission). Though yes, it's kinda pricey but then, if you're looking for a paradise - like venue to cater your family reunion/gatherings, group/company team buildings, intimate wedding or debut? Ahh! I say, you'll never go wrong with Lily's.

Sus! You're only saying that because you need to. Seriously? No. I said what I said because it's true. It's an honest opinion, so wait 'til you get your moment there too and I'll be ready to hear you say, Gosh girl! It's real! I was so tired but damn happy!

How to get there? From Starmall Edsa, ride a jeep (P53) or an FX (P70) going to Tanay Terminal. There are also vehicles in Cubao going to Tanay Bus Terminal. From Tanay, ride a jeep or a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off at Lily's Vacation Farm House at Pagkalinawan, Jala-jala.

If using a private car, you can find them on waze or click this link here or ask the locals along the way.

Take Note: Lily's Vacation Farm House is not a resort or a hotel. It is a rest house made available for group/family for a fixed rate.

For more information you might want to read their Frequently Asked Questions here.

Got more questions? Just leave a comment below or message them directly on their facebook page Lily Vacation Farm House or send them an email at

Thank you for reading! I hope to bond with you in this beautiful place soon!