Coco's Garden Guestroom: Your Home Away from Home

These past weeks (and also the coming weeks, I know) has been a really sick and busy week for me so I thought if having even a night of staycation so I could relax a bit (but unfornately became a work-cation due to a lot of pending works) and here is where I stay.

The Place. Somewhere in the heart of a residential place in Paco District of Manila lies a simple yet accommodating place of Greg called Coco’s Garden Guest Room. It is a charming and very large guest room with a classic Filipino vibe in an authentic mid-20th century American-colonial style. Furnished with different Filipino antiques where you could hear the singing of birds in the morning and ringing of church bells on Sundays.

The Amenities. The 75 sq. meter fully air-conditioned guestroom has its own restroom with a sink, toilet and shower area. It has a king-sized bed good for 2 persons and a full sized-bed on the side if in case you have another companion, working table,  cable television and an internet broadband available. Also, guests have access to use shared spaces like the kitchen upstairs, laundry area, patio and the green-filled garden.

The Owner. Greg is a very accommodating owner. I came to his place last August 5th which happens to be the first Sunday of the month and I found out, it’s his tradition to have a monthly potluck every first Sunday. So when I arrived, there’s a lyre band playing while they are enjoying bottles of beer and good food. And the best thing about it is, every guests are encouraged to join and party like no other. (But I choose not to join not because I don’t want to but because I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t wanna be pressured to do so. Haha!)

The Rate. The room can be booked for only $55 or P2,938 per night on AirBnb. For more details and questions, you can find then on facebook, Coco's Garden Guest Room Manila

Thank you for dropping by! I know you want to try the place too so tag me on your photos once you got there and let’s talk about your experience!