Substance Laser & Skincare: Beauty Is Not A Luxury

We all have that one person whom you never wanted to see ever again. That even a glimpse of a strand of their hair, you’ll be annoyed and the rest of your day will be ruined. And as puberty hits me, pimples and whiteheads had been symbolizing that one person to me. They’d come and go once in a while and it’s pretty annoying. Which is why the moment I turned 18, since derma procedures are just so pricey, I tried different skincare products to prevent my “bwisitas” to come back but it just didn’t work. They actually reversely reacted so I just settled on constantly washing my face every now and then to remove the accumulated dirt off my face. (Though there are really tamad days where I’d sleep without cleaning my face so I’ll be greeted by pimples the next morning. Yeah, that fast.)

Then one morning, while I was checking on my email, I saw an invitation to witness the opening of a new derma clinic in Robinson’s Place Galleria but my excitement immediately vanished when I learned of the schedule. It’s on a Saturday and that means I have a class (Off course, priorities’ first) so I just take note of their clinic to checked out and try them once I had a free time since we’re also given a complimentary voucher to any of the services they offer. And last Thursday, August 30th was my day to finally visit the place.

My Experience: Upon entering the clinic, the first thing that caught my attention is their classy and spacious-looking place because of the minimalist interior, white walls with an accent of some blackish and earthish color of furnitures and other accessories. They have the reception desk (off course), facial and laser treatment area and a lounge where your jowalalays, friends and families can wait while you undergo your operation tiis ganda.

The clinic has a consultation area where you could first talk to the in-house doctor (who’s actually very pleasant) about your skin condition,  what you’re allergic of, what might be the cause of it, best remedies and other stuff you’d like to ask about. She’d also recommend you of the treatment that best suited you and in my case it's their Holy Grail Laser also known as the Q-Switch Laser Toning Treatment, an FDA approved procedure which is designed to lighten acne marks due to inflamed pores cause by pimples and kill P-acne, the bacteria that causes pimples and acne through a beam of energy tuned at a specific wavelength.

After talking to Dr. Mendoza, a staff then guided me to the facial area to cleanse my face, exfoliate it to remove the make-up and excess dirt and hydrate to condition for the laser treatment. A procedure which I found very relaxing. (I actually almost doze off. Lol.)

Then, I was asked to transfer to their laser treatment area for the main procedure. For this one, the esthetician covered my eyes to protect it from the laser light that could burn the retina and cause severe eye damage. It gets a little painful at times due to the heat but actually tolerable most especially because the doctor would ask me every now and then if it’s too warm so she could adjust.

Lastly, the esthetician (Sorry, I forgot to ask her name cause I was busy with my phone beforehand, yeah, SHAME ON ME) who assisted me since the beginning, applied sunscreen on my face after the laser procedure. This is to avoid sun damage as the skin is more sensitive after the laser procedure.

The Clinic and their services: Substance Laser and Skin Care is located at the 3rd floor of Robinson’s Place Galleria. It’s in the Body Senses zone near Mesa. They’re open everyday from 10:00 am – 9:00 pm. For more information visit them at or email at for inquiries or you might also want to visit their facebook and Instagram account Substance Laser & Skincare and @skinbysubstanceph respectively. For a faster response to your questions and/or appointment bookings, you may call them at (63) 917-523-4344.

Provided herewith is the list of services they offer and its corresponding prices. 

 What can i say? Overall, I was pleased with the way they treat me from the moment I entered their clinic where I was first welcomed by the owner herself. She personally guided me to the reception actually. With regards to the staff they’re all so nice and attentive so as the doctor who would ask me from time to time if I’m alright. As for the price of their services, I personally think it’s very affordable compare to other derma clinics in the market. It’s not like you’d undergo laser treatment and spend maximum of P3,800 every week. And the place is just pretty cool. Not too spacious, not too cramped and the design and other accessories are on point. Just enough for you to feel comfortable.

So what are you waiting for? Try their services and be on your most beautiful skin condition in an affordable price without sacrificing the service’s quality. They do have an on-going 20% discount promo to all of their services available until September 18. So grab the opportunity now and tag me on your selfies after the treatment.

Thank you for dropping by!