Japan 101: Nihonyori Japanese Restaurant

On a broad spectrum of Makati, running from the clean-cut and high-rise buildings to the grittier hidden nooks and alleys, lies a newly opened Japanese restaurant outside the Little Tokyo that covers a pretty wide array of authentic dishes that will send your taste buds right to Japan. Whether you’re in the mood for fresh sushi, sizzling yakitori, or a bowl of mouth-watering ramen or just an elegant kaiseki dinner, this place will surely satisfy you.

The Place. Nihonyori Japanese Restaurant is the newest culinary gem in the heart of the busy and vibrant Makati located exactly at the 11th floor of Valero Grand Suites, 152 Valero St., Salcedo Village. Though not too spacious, the restaurant, set-up with different Japanese ornaments and accessories, dolls, anime and paintings from the counter and walls up to the mini bar at the back, is elegantly bewitching.

The Food. Fueled by their professional chefs, the restaurant has managed to secure genuine flavors as they claim to be using a 100% natural ingredients without putting MSG. On their menu is a long list of Japanese food options from soups, salad, sushi, sashimi, tempura to ramen and soba and some exclusive specialties like my most favorite Black Maki.

The People. From the managers down to the waiters, you can definitely find satisfaction as everyone wears a positive attitude to address every concerns politely. Though sometimes, the service may be slow as the place may be packed, I’m telling you there’s a reason why this place is a must go.

What Can I Say? As Japanese cuisine has always been on my long list of must-try foods, I was extremely happy and satisfied with what Nihonyori offered. From the many foods served on our table, some of my personal favorites are the Yakitori, Tori Teriyaki and Black Maki. Though there were lots of drastic changes in many traditional dishes, Nihonyori seem to have find a way to make their own specialty more recognizable and worth trying and I was indeed left in awe with their Black Maki as it was my first time to see and taste one. Lastly, for a foreign restaurant situated inside a posh hotel, they were surprisingly budget friendly as they offer reasonable prices. Just good enough when craving for a Japanese dinner and it’s not yet a payday.

The experience isn’t only about eating anymore, but rather appreciating every bit of food on the plate, smelling the scents, appreciating the plating, listening to the explanation and story of every dish and just simply realizing how food and art can actually come together.

Thank you so much once again for dropping by! For more information about this restaurant, visit them on Facebook at Nihonyori Japanese Restaurant.