Three Guys and A Grill: Grilling European Burgers and Sausages Just For You

Formed through a keen observation of three foodies and businessmen of different races, a Kiwi (New Zealand), a Swiss (Switzerland) and a Fil-Am (Filipino – American) that there’s still no true European concept of a sausage house yet in the country, comes the existence of Three Guys and A Grill in an unassuming spot in Poblacion, Makati City starting November, 2016.

While the concept to doubters may seem typical, the execution certainly isn’t. I was truly amazed, not because it sounds impossible but because coming from technically an alien to our native land, Duncan (the Kiwi guy), mentioned that more or less 90% of their ingredients, from sausages which was custom-made to their specifications by Santi’s up to their breads, toppings, sauces are locally produced using whatever is possible like honey from Davao and Bukidnon, molasses from Bicol, guavas and many more.

The Place. Upon entry, you will be welcomed by the enticing aroma of grilled meat, herbs and cheese while with closer inspection, high tables situated around the corners of the bar will be noticed which was initially intended as they brew up the concept of a European sausage and burger spa where people likes to eat these types of food while standing. This set-up will however be innovated to a more Filipino style in the next months as they observed that Filipinos likes to sit while diving in to their fair share of good food.

The Food. While choosing what to eat from a pool of irresistibly attractive menu has always been challenging, with Three Guys, we were beyond thankful that we didn’t have to get through this, when the owner decided to feed us all of their best-sellers. 

First are the bewitching fusion of toasted potato buns covering the different unique combination of grilled beef patty, crispy lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar cheese, bacon, homemade barbeque sauce and ketchup, grilled pineapple, fried egg, sriracha mayo, jalapenos, and Three Guys special sauce.

Tommy Burger - P180
Texas Hold Em Burger - P230
Kiwiana Burger - P230
Double Tommy Burger - P280
Anghang Burger - P190

Second are the thick, long and tasty premium dogs covered by the oval shape potato bread mixed expertly with pork grillers, omelette, onion jam, barbeque sauce, curry chicken sausage, sriracha mayo, sliced pickles, german pork bratwurst, truffle honey mustard, traditional Swiss schueblig (pork), cheddar cheese and sauerkraut.

Bird Dog - P180
Brekky Dog - P180
Anghang - P180
Posh Dog P250

Now, if you come to Three Guys with a plan of tasting the different types of sausages in a platter, this 12 cocktail sausages with chips on the side composed of Kielbasa, Nuernberger and Cheese Hungarian available for P299 can be your best choice.

Lastly, washdown your sandwiches with available drinks of your choice from different varieties of soda or a water or their in-house Engkanto Beer from a local craft brewery Engkanto Brewery. And oh! Don’t forget to grab a pack of iced gems for P20/pack and refresh your childhood memory through your colorful snack.

What Can I Say? An hour before I came to Three Guys and a Grill, I  could actually still feel my full tummy from a sumptuous lunch at Nihonyori Japanese Restaurant  so I thought, I wouldn’t be able to taste  much on this sausage and burger bar but I was wrong. If there's another thing that you'll love about Three Guys is that you can actually request them to cut your food according to your specifications. So if your going to walk near the grill with friends, you could order everything you please in a chip-in style then let all the food be cut equally so ya'll get to experience the bomb taste of Three Guys and A Grill. 

As for my personal pick, it would have to be the Tommy  and Kiwiana for the burgers simply because these two achieved my dream combination of tasty bun, tender beef patty and flavorful vegies and spices, ugh! Just my typical perfect kind of burger. I love how they dances on the palette of my tongue. As for the sausages, my personal pick is the Anghang Bird because this sandwich builds up flavor through the peppery lamb sausage, and then the homemade barbecue sauce, with the generous sliced jalapeƱos adding to the final explosion of heat. So more than just spiciness— what I enjoyed most is the smokiness of the lamb, and the way the warm toasted buns bind everything together.

Ugh! I'm craving for some Kiwiana Burger now. I will definitely be back to visit them one of these days. Good thing they now have other branches from across the Metro. Thank you for such good foods Three Guys! For more information you might want to visit them on their facebook page here.

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