The Author

I'm Mae Magtibay, a 21 year-old jack of all trades but master of none lass from Manila - Laguna - Batangas, Pilipinas. Currently, a busy student (chos!) of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines- San Juan Campus. A certified Iskolar ng Bayan, raketera and inday dyosa.

The Blog

Adison's is a forever work-in-progress little sand in this island called web. Its lens and pen will focus mainly on my forever messy but never trashy lifestyle specifically my student friendly yet instagram-able destinations, mouth watering but affordable foods, and my budget conscious but effective beauty regimens. However, it will not be limited there because from time-to-time my corny but worth sharing random picks and some filtered personal stuff will be up on the side. 

This little sand is my attempt of bringing life to my somebody-in-particular shadow from my someone in general, nobody in particular self. This is a silent chaos I know, but chaos are interesting so I'm still inviting you to roam around here, (don't worry it's free) join me on my crazy adventures if you want (now, that has a fee, let's do it KKB), and learn something from another.

Enjoy Adison's! You're always welcome here, feel free to come back anytime.